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Summer Camp August 2017

Dear all,

Hopefully you can enjoy a well-deserved summerbreak.

Aspire Gymnastics is currently closed, but we will be offering more artistic and rhythmic gymnastics Summer Camps starting on Sunday, 6th of August 2017.


WEEK 1: Sunday, 6th of August - Thursday, 10th of August 2017

WEEK 2: Sunday, 13th of August - Thursday, 17th of August 2017

WEEK 3: Sunday, 20th of August - Thursday, 24th of August 2017

WEEK 4: Sunday, 27th of August - Thursday, 31st of August 2017

Timing for the 5-16 year old gymnasts:

9am till 1pm

Timing for the 3-5 year old boys:

9am till 11am

Timing for the 3-5 year old girls:

11am till 1pm

If you want to find out more, click on this link:

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