Winner #8

Congratulations to Antonella -a level 3 Aspire gymnast- for winning the leotard competition with a very creative design. Her leotard has only one sleeve and a very pretty color combination! We are looking forward to see you at training, wearing your new leotard!

Winner #7

Congratulations to the winner in the boys category! As the leotard was made in glitter fabric, he sold it to one of our girls in the Aspire Team and Ryan will use the money he made by selling his design to fund his upcoming school trip. Have a great trip and success with the fundraising!

Winner #6

Congratulations to Meera, winner #6 of our leotard design competition. Very cute design and gorgeous matching colors! Keep working hard at training.

Leotard design competition winner #5

Congratulations to Charlotte for winning a leotard in our leotard design competition! The snowflake leotard was designed by Charlotte during our winter break and inspired by cool winter temperatures.

More lucky winners

Congratulations to Ella, a talented Level 3 gymnast who designed this leotard together with the help of her little sister. Great choice of colors! Congratulation also to Camille who is enrolled in our pre-team program as Level 1 starter. Keep up your hard work in the gym!

First lucky winners!

Over 150 girls and boys submitted beautiful designs for the Aspire Leotard Design Competition. So many gorgeous creations to select from! Therefore, instead of picking only one winner, the Aspire Team decided to choose 13 winning designs. All winners will receive their design made for them. Find out during your training session this week if you are one of the lucky girls or boys! Keep following this page for pictures of the winners wearing their new leotards! See you all at training! Congratulations to one of our Level 1 girls, Alessandra, a hard working gymnast and talented designer! Congratulation also to Level 5 gymnast, Rebecca, enjoy training with your brand new leotard! Check out this

And the winner is ...

Find out this week if your leotard design won the leotard competition! There are a lot of lucky winners. Every single winner will receive one gorgeous leotard, designed as per their original drawing. If you did not win this time, we promise to organize a second leotard competition very soon! Keep an eye on this webpage.

Back in time ... #2

Do you recognize this coach? Off course you do! This is coach Madalina back in the days. She started gymnastics at the age of 4 years old and competed till the age of 15. She was training in Bucharest, 4 hours per day, 6 days per week. She participated several times with her team at the National Romanian Championships and has great memories of those days. After terminating her competitive gymnastics career she started to perform in acrobatic shows, her absolute favorite are aerial performances! Coach Madalina participated in Romania Got Talent. Trupa Extreme, the team Madalina participated with, made it all the way till the semifinal live shows. Click here to Watch the video! Coach Madalina

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