Mother&Daughter / Father&Son

Last weekend we had another lovely Mother&Daughter / Father&Son class! All our Aspire gymnasts and their parents really enjoyed the session and are already looking forward to the next Mother&Daughter or mixed session. We are hosting this class 1 time every month and we schedule to do the next class on Friday, 23rd of February 2018. Do not hesitate to join the fun! The classes are for parents and children of all ability. Meanwhile do not forget to stretch those muscles!

Outdoor Training

Lately our coaches came up with some really cool activities. One of the activities was an outdoor warm-up, stretching and conditioning session for our advanced gymnasts. The Saturday girls and boys of the Competition group really enjoyed this session and surely we will organize this again in the future. Make sure to check our events page for more fun activities this term. Do not miss our CrAzy Hair Days on Saturday, 3rd of February as well as Sunday, 4th February and Monday, 5th of February 2018.

Aspire LEOTARD design competition

We proudly announce our second Leotard Design Competition. To participate you simply print the PDF (CLICK HERE). You color your design on the printout and you send it to Alternatively you can hand the design to one of your coaches or our administrator. The Aspire Gymnastics Team will select the most beautiful leotard and the winner receive his/her design in his/her requested size. Please feel free to forward this email to any of your friends interested in joining our Leotard Design Competition. We are looking forward to receive your designs! Make sure to submit your design before the 15th of February 2018.

Summer Conditioning Challenge

As you could follow on this blog during the holiday months (July-August) we organised a summer conditioning challenge. The 3 winners got a sparkling Aspire leotard. Congratulations to the winners! Great job on staying fit during the summer! We are looking forward to surprise some more gymnasts soon with their favorite leotards, keep an eye on this space. This week we will launch our second leotard design competition

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