Find the 10 differences puzzle

The puzzle of the week is ready! The question is... are you ready for the puzzle? Find the 10 differences! Loads of fun finding the differences and hopefully see you all soon for training as Aspire Gymnastics. Click here for the printable version of the puzzle.

Aspire Leotard Design Competition 2020

We are so excited to announce our 4th Aspire Leotard Design Competition. To participate you simply print the PDF file underneath. You color your design on the printout and you send it by email to Make sure to submit your design latest on the 31st of may 2020. The Aspire Gymnastics Team will select the most beautiful leotard and the winner will receive his/her design in his/her size. We are looking forward to receive your designs! Click here to print the PDF file. Make sure to SCAN your final design, our software can NOT transfer your design from a regular picture and we need a good quality scan in order to be able to make your favorite leotard for you.

Cross word and word scramble puzzle

Last week was a rather challenging Sudoku, this week is more suitable for our younger gymnasts. We have a word scramble -some words have a hint of which letters to use to start with and secondly we have a cross word puzzle. Do not forget to send us a picture with your finished version of the puzzle. Have fun puzzling! Click here to print the weekly puzzle.

SUDOKU puzzle

This week we have prepared a Sudoku puzzle for all of you. It is not a usual Sudoku where you have to find the numbers 1 till 9, but it is a Sudoku with gymnastics vector drawings. There are 9 drawings and the rules are the same as a regular sudoku puzzle. Fill in the grid with the correct gymnastics vector drawings in such manner that every row, every column and every 3X3 box accommodates each vector drawing once, without repeating any. We are sure this puzzle will keep you busy for a while, as it is a rather challenging puzzle. Click here to print the Sudoku puzzle.

Aspire WORD puzzle

This weeks' challenge is an Aspire word search puzzle. This is a game to find hidden words in a grid of jumbled letters. We have 2 puzzles available, one for our younger members and one for our elite gymnasts or even -why not- your parents! In the puzzle for our younger gymnasts the 20 listed words can be found written forward, or from up to down. The advanced level puzzle is more difficult not only are there 50 words, but also the words may be found in any direction, even listed backwards and diagonal. This word search puzzle is great fun and will improve your gymnastics vocabulary. Have fun with words and do not forget to tag us when you have a picture of yourself playing the Aspire versio

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